Why do you do that?!

So with my Mermaid Market Bag pattern, the instructions say not to count the beginning chains as a stitch. Several people have asked why, from testers to those who’ve chosen to follow, I figured it was going to be an on going question as I continue to grow as a pattern designer.

And really, it boils down to personal preference. 

Roughly five years ago, I picked up my first crochet hook. I taught myself how to crochet using tutorials I found on YouTube. After YouTube, I progressed to diagrams before finally being able to read written patterns.

Somewhere along my journey of learning, someone else on the vast web of fiber knowledge had used 2 chains to start a row but didn’t count it as a stitch. I found that it made it much easier when trying to join rounds when making objects that weren’t flat like blankets and scarves.

Other than making it easier, I found the beginning chains also looked nicer to me. They sort of blend in and aren’t as noticeable. In my shells that consist of treble crochet stitches, because I used a chain 3 instead of 4, they sort of shift behind the trebles and sort of disappear.

So if you like one of my patterns but dislike my instructions of how to start a row using chains that don’t count as a stitch, I would encourage you to tweak that to suit your preferences! My desire for my patterns is to give you the knowledge of how to execute a look while also providing enough details to allow you to experiment and make it your own. Because I firmly believe it’s experimentation and building off one another that allows for new patterns to be dreamed up and then shared with the world!

So embrace your whimsy and create something beautiful.